King of the Hill-Leg Drive Trainer

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The King of the Hill ‘Leg Drive Trainer’ was designed to train pitchers to develop an awareness of their leg drive off of the mound and to gradually increase the leg drive toward home plate. When using the proper pitching techniques, the separation between upper and lower body increase, which in turn creates more elastic energy that is transferred through the core. This improves the upper body’s ability to accelerate and rotate while creating faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release.

The initial boost of energy from the legs will relieve the arm of having to produce as much velocity, and will reduce the stress on the pitching arm while increasing arm speed. One of the biggest problems coaches, parents, and players have when training a pitcher, is there is no drills, commands, or training aids to “coach” or tell the player ‘how to use their legs’ – until now! The King of the Hill ‘Leg Drive Trainer’ provides immediate feedback with an auditable noise, that coaches, parents, and players themselves can recognize the accomplished goal of the ‘Trainer’s’ when they use leg drive correctly. The ‘BANG’ tells the player they are using their legs and starting the force used to throw a ball, at the ground with leg drive.

The Trainer has the ability to increase resistance based on the playing level of the player. After the first few resistance levels of the ‘Trainer’s’ have been mastered, and the technique is accomplished, 200-250 reps can be done to increase and train the leg drive of the player. After finishing the reps, the player will turn the wrench at the back of the trainer 180 degrees to increase the compression force of the spring inside the housing on the bottom plate. This will increase the trainers difficulty one level. The player should always feel comfortable with the current level of resistance before increasing to the next level – the goal is to gradually increase the amount of leg drive used to build muscle memory and the body to consistently use proper pitching techniques with leg drive. The ‘Trainer’ can be used for any age or level of player – from 9 years old to the major leagues!

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